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About G.Car

Part 1 of 8

Beginning as a series of American cannabis ventures led by marijuana activist/ entrepreneur Greta M. Carter, The G.Car Companies are a team of industry experts providing consultation services to new or challenged marijuana businesses. Services include [but are not limited to] business license procurement (application writing), cultivation, compliance guidance, employee training, project management, packaging design, social media, and advertising.

With the help of an in-house attorney specializing in compliance, the G.Car team has written cannabis business applications in 2 states and has won a total of 11 business licenses. These companies range from marijuana cultivation facilities, to processing centers, to retail stores (or dispensaries). Many of these businesses are already operational in Washington and Nevada.


  • Wrote the winning applications for 5 recreational cannabis businesses in Washington (under I-502)
  • Wrote the winning applications for 6 medical marijuana businesses in Nevada (under NRS 453a). One was the third-highest scoring application in the state.
  • Recreational marijuana farm ranked #2 for sales in Washington state under G.Car leadership
  • Led several cannabis business training sessions and workshops in Washington, Nevada, Alaska, and Washington D.C.
  • Owner Greta Carter voted Best Effort on Affecting Policy, Regulation, and Industry Standards (Cannawards 2015)
  • "Little Jays" product concept nominated for Most Creative Marketing Initiative (Cannawards 2015)



In order to fully appreciate The G.Car Companies, it is necessary to understand the original efforts and objectives of Greta M. Carter (endearingly referred to by colleagues as “G-Car”)...


Greta started her journey in the world of cannabis in 2009 when, after the economic meltdown of 2008, she was forced to look at re-invention. Her youngest son (Justin) had been researching the medicinal values of cannabis and found himself donating to activists who were making progress on the national stage. He encouraged his mother to consider the cannabis industry by introducing her to some of the major players at the time. Since cannabis had been a regular part of her life since she was 18 years old, the only concern she really had was gaining enough confidence to truly come out of "the green closet."

It was those introductions and the time she spent in the Bay Area of California— the birthplace of medical marijuana— that led Greta to find her calling. She met and worked with activists who had started the medical marijuana movement; people like Steve DeAngelo, Robert Jacob, James Anthony, Don Duncan, Steph Sherer, Dale Sky Jones, and Kris Krane to name a few. Greta was exposed to the stories of patients who had been arrested, heard the firsthand stories of HIV patients who risked back alley exchanges to get access to the plant, doctors who had seen the medicinal values of cannabis, and lawmakers who were working hard with activists to educate the public on the safety of cannabis.

It’s important to understand at this time (which, for some, may feel like ancient history), people were getting arrested; the federal government was in full attack mode—continuing to fight the futile "War on Drugs"—and the public was fearful of the harms and damage that this little plant could cause. Those who were involved were at personal risk of losing their freedoms.

Greta found her passion; she was moved to bring safety and education to the forefront.